Come hydrate at Sun Spa

What Is the Hydration Station?

The hydration station is an experience, which combines hydrofusion and LED light technology and oxygen science skin care, plus a relaxing massage bed for the ultimate experience of luxury.   The machine emits steam dilating the pores of the skin, allowing for an improved absorption of products.  The radiant heat technology of the hydration station harnesses radiant heat energy working naturally with the body to aid in product absorption.  Different products are added to the steam for the ultimate experience, known as the Oxygen Science Concentrates.    These are special botanicals, minerals, and liquid vitamins for prolonged activated skin care.  While the steam covers, heats and stimulates the body, ingredients are introduced to moisturize and further promote healthy skin and a nourishing glow.

Who Is It For?

If you desire a dark tan, or prolonged coloring from a spray tan, this is for you.  If you desire an improved appearance of skin tonality or skin tone, SunSpa hydration station is for you.  If you are in need of deep hydration due to years or hours spent outside or one that loves the outdoors, but doesn’t love the effects of the dry climate on your skin, this is for you!  The hydration station facilitates detoxification, and product absorption, while accelerating tan results and prolonging spray tan results.  The infrared technology has been known to reduce and balance the acidic level in the body, improving the nervous system, prevents bacteria growth, speeds up repair of body cells, and promotes elimination of waste out of body, providing better sleep.

Great care for your skin